Thirsk Lodge Barns Wedding Video

Serena and Will’s wedding film from one of my favourite venues, Thirsk Lodge Barns.

At Thirsk Lodge Barns, capturing a wedding feels like stepping into a story set against North Yorkshire’s enchanting countryside. The venue itself, a beautifully restored former farm, marries rustic charm with modern elegance, offering a myriad of picturesque moments. As a videographer, venues like this excite me the most—where every corner, light-strung beam, and open window presents a new opportunity to capture the essence of a couple’s special day.

The Main Barn

The barn, with its wall of fairy lights twinkling against the original wooden beams, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for heartfelt vows and joyful celebrations. These moments, set within such a character-filled backdrop, lend themselves to truly beautiful, emotive footage. The way the light filters through the large windows, illuminating the couple as they say their “I do’s,” adds a soft, almost ethereal quality to the film. Unlike most venues, the mezzanine at the back of the room is ideal for a string quartet, singer, or extra guests.

The Courtyard

Outside, the walled courtyard, bursting with the colours of climbing roses and hydrangeas, and a 200 year old Spanish olive tree, offers a stunning outdoor setting. Here, capturing couples as they wander the grounds, sharing quiet moments among the vibrant flora, or celebrating with guests under the clear sky allows for various visually stunning scenes to unfold on film.

What’s particularly special about filming at Thirsk Lodge Barns is the seamless flow between these diverse spaces. From the intimate setting of the main barn to the expansive beauty of the courtyard and beyond, each part of the venue holds its own unique charm while contributing to a cohesive, beautifully narrated wedding film. This transition ensures that the film not only tells the story of the wedding day but does so in a way that’s fluid, natural, and utterly captivating.

The Vibe

But beyond the visual appeal, Thirsk Lodge Barns’s atmosphere truly sets it apart. A dedicated team with warmth and intimacy permeates the venue, ensuring every detail reflects the couple’s vision. This personalised touch is evident in every frame, making each wedding film a record of the day and a testament to the couple’s unique love story.

Filming weddings at Thirsk Lodge Barns isn’t just about capturing a beautiful setting; it’s about capturing the feeling of the day. It’s about creating a film that, like the venue itself, blends tradition and modernity, elegance and simplicity, into something truly unforgettable.

If you’re getting married at this awesome venue then I would love to hear from you. Drop me a message and let’s chat.