lancashire wedding videography for couples who blaze a new trail

“WOW Mike! Just WOW! Our films look amazing! You definitely captured the fun we felt! Thank you so much for being a part of it and bringing extra chill vibes. We loved having you. We are going to be watching them and making everyone else watch them for weeks! Thank you so so much!”

Jessica & Matt – The Pumping House, Nottinghamshire

Wedding films that show what you’re about

Wedding films are like ice cream flavours. Sure, vanilla has its place. Nice. Safe. Pedestrian. Your wedding day is anything but pedestrian. You want honey & pistachio. Or ginger & pineapple. Or rocky road with popping candy. Whatever you choose for your wedding – from elegant and traditional, to Game of Thrones cosplay – it’s the vibe that counts. And that vibe comes from your unmistakable energy as a couple, and the buzz from your guests on the day. So, you need a punchy wedding film that shows your punchy personality.


Drop D Films is led by me, Mike, a Lancashire wedding videographer (but I’ll travel anywhere for the right couple – yep, I’m looking at you!). I’m also an animal loving, half marathon running, plant-based, music enthusiast.

When I’m not following my passion of filming and editing your best day ever, you’ll find me walking my beloved labradoodle, Rufus, running through my local avenues and alleyways, or watching live music in and around the gig venues of the North West.

My style is discreet. I blend right in. So, you can crack on with your awesome wedding day knowing I’ll be making you an equally awesome film.

“We are beyond grateful to you for perfectly capturing such special memories and for being a lovely person to have with us on the day. It was lovely having you there with us. We are so pleased we booked you!” 

Olivia & Jonny – Liverpool Town Hall

Photo by Steve Grogan

Wedding party having fun as filmed by Mike, a lancashire wedding videographer

What Makes Me Tick

Since I began filming weddings in 2016, I’ve seen and captured all sorts of emotions and moments. There’s been so much laughter, so many happy tears, and plenty of awesome dance moves. Every wedding tells its story; I’m all about finding what makes yours different. I get excited by the unique bits – maybe you’ve got a surprise dance planned, or you just want a quiet moment with each other away from the crowd. I want to catch that on film if it shows who you are.

Filming Your Story

I focus on every little look you exchange, the beauty of your venue, and all those special moments that make your day uniquely yours. I put together a story that captures the heart of your day, as engaging and heartfelt as any movie you love.

Why Choose Me?

With so many options for Lancashire wedding videographers, what sets me apart? It’s not just the years I’ve spent doing this or my love for filming. What matters is how I focus on getting to know you and what makes your relationship tick. I see your wedding as a collection of moments that tell the story of your journey together. I use my skills and a keen sense of the emotional beats of your day to make a wedding film that does more than just document; it brings your memories to life in a way that you can feel all over again.

Booking the Experience

Booking with me is more than just hiring a videographer; it’s like having a friend by your side, someone who truly cares about bringing the vision of your wedding film to life as much as you do. If you imagine a wedding video that profoundly reflects the heart and spirit of your day, let’s make it a reality. Your love story is unique and deserves to be shared in the most captivating way, and I’m ready to help tell that story.

Lancashire Is Awesome!



There’s nobody like you. You know that. I know that. That’s why I only create cinematic wedding films that capture exactly why you’ve chosen to team up forever. You’ll come back to your wedding film time and time again. You’ll relive all the laughs (who knew Uncle Frank could shift around a dance floor like that?!). All the promises (and yes, you’ll hold your partner to the daily foot rubs they vowed). And all the idiosyncrasies (alpacas at the alter? Whyever not?) that make you undeniably you.

Ready for a wedding film tailored to you, capturing all the fun of your day?